his summer, Opera in the Ozarks (OIO) is all about love. With the last performance slated for July 20, OIO’s 2018 summer season follows fools in love.

General director Nancy Preis said the season repertoire features Johann Strauss Jr.’s “Die Fledermaus,” Giacomo Rossini’s “Il Barbier di Siviglia” and Douglas Moore’s “The Ballad of Baby Doe.”

“The most exciting offering is ‘The Ball of Baby Doe’ because it’s never been done by Opera in the Ozarks,” Preis said, “and I suspect it’s never been done in Arkansas.”

She said it is an American opera about historical figures Horace Tabor, Elizabeth “Baby” Doe Tabor and Augusta Tabor.

“The opera is about 60 years old, and it concerns real people,” Preis said. “It’s the story of Horace Tabor, a silver baron who falls a** over teakettle in love when he hears a voice coming out of his hotel.”

Opera in the Ozarks’ summer season runs through July 20

She continued, “Horace dumps his longstanding wife, Augusta, who isn’t happy about this. It’s a great love story. He hears this voice and falls in love with Baby Doe, but it’s not exactly ‘happily ever after.’”

The pair has a long marriage, Preis said, but Horace loses all of his money. She said the opera ends with his death.

“Baby Doe herself actually lived another 25 to 30 years,” she said. “She froze to death. She was penniless when she died. She was living in a cabin outside of Horace’s last silver mine.”

Preis continued, “The opera has beautiful music. It’s so different. I think people will really like it when they hear it.”

She said “Il Barber di Siviglia,” or “The Barber of Sevillie,” features the foolishness of Dr. Bartolo, an old man who believes he can marry his ward, Rosina.

“He makes a fool of himself, saying he’s going to marry her,” Preis said. “Rosina falls in love with Count Almaviva. Figaro is the character who makes everything happen. He makes a fool out of Bartolo. Almaviva makes a fool out of Bartolo. Everyone tries to fool Bartolo.”

"The opera has beautiful music.

It’s so different. I think people

will really like it when they hear it."

- General director Nancy Preis, Opera in the Ozarks

Summer lineup:
“The Ballad of Baby Doe”
“Il Barbier di Siviglia”
“Die fledermaus”