Featured Artist: Doug Myerscough

‘Retiree’ keeps busy in Eureka Springs

Doug Myerscough is a Renaissance man. Dabbling in painting, music, sculpting and every other kind of art you can imagine, Myerscough will show off one of his specialties during May Festival of the Arts. Myerscough is the artist responsible for the Harmon Park Mural and Art Trail Project, where he plans to create a mural rooted his favorite part of life: fun.

“It’s about just the joy of the area and the joy of the people in Eureka Springs,” Myerscough said. “It’ll actually be three murals. There will be two on the sides of the building, very small ones, and a larger one. It will be pure fun.”

Myerscough said the mural will be family-friendly, saying that’s important since the mural is smack dab in the middle of Harmon Dog Park. He’s familiar with the park, Myerscough said, because he takes his grandchildren there when they visit him.

“Any time you have an artist community like this, you’re going to have camaraderie among artists that does not exist in other places.”
- Doug Myerscough

“It’s basically a children’s mural with things for the adults, too,” he said. “It will reflect the local flavor, the taste of town. It’s meant to be fun and happy, nothing political. It’s all about the odd humor of the town and the really wonderful people that make this place work and make it so different.”

Myerscough moved to Eureka Springs seven years ago with his wife, he said, after years and years of vacationing here. After growing up in St. Louis, Myerscough spent much of his life in Denison, Texas. He moved there to study music at the University of North Texas back when it was still called North Texas State University, Myerscough remembered.

“It was a really good jazz school, so I went down there originally planning on writing film scores,” Myerscough said. “I studied music composition. I ended up staying in Texas. Though I tended to make my living painting murals, music was a big part of my life, too.”

He was a classical cellist when he was younger, Myerscough said, but now focuses mainly on playing bass and the keyboard. Film scoring was not for him, he said, and he found he didn’t enjoy being a professor, either. Fortunately, Myerscough said, he’s a natural at creating murals and earned a living doing that.

“I’ve been very lucky to be able to do what I love,” Myerscough said.

When he and his wife moved to Eureka Springs, Myerscough said he was excited about retirement.

“It turns out you can fish too much, so retirement wasn’t really for me,” he said. “I have to do something.”

He was even more excited to live in the town he visited so frequently, Myerscough said.

“We love the fact that the town has a sense of humor, because we were in a place that had no sense of humor,” Myerscough said. “In fact, if you had a sense of humor, you were driven out of town.”

He’s become a familiar fixture in Eureka Springs, creating a mural on the stairs downtown with the Eureka Springs High School art club three years ago. The mural has been the place for all kinds of photos over the years, with both visitors and locals posing on the stairs.

To be part of the Eureka Springs art community, Myerscough said, is an honor.

“It’s just a joy. There’s so many artists here, and they’re wonderful people,” Myerscough said. “Any time you have an artist community like this, you’re going to have camaraderie among artists that does not exist in other places.”

He asked everyone to check out the mural, saying he’s looking forward to seeing how it ends up.

“Hopefully everyone will enjoy this,” he said. “I know I’m certainly going to enjoy it.”