Bikes, Blues & BBQ

Biker Festival

Northwest Arkansas’ biggest bike rally returns Sept. 26-29

Rev up for Bikes, Blues & BBQ

It’s that time of the year again … time for Northwest Arkansas to welcome a few hundred thousand motorcycle riders and enthusiasts to the region.

That’s right. It’s Bikes, Blues and BBQ time. BBB’s Annual Rally runs from Sept. 26-29.

Although the rally is based in Fayetteville, it really is an event for the entire region, including Eureka Springs. Renee Bridger, marketing and events manager for Pig Trail Harley Davidson, said Pine Mountain Village will have vendors and food trucks during the four days. There will be a riding simulator there, Bridger said, for some added fun.

“We want every rider to know it doesn’t matter what location they’re at … we still want to make it enjoyable, fun and a great week of events to keep them entertained,” Bridger said.

Having the event at Pine Mountain Village, Bridger, makes sense because it’s a central location in Eureka Springs.

“It’s where we want to have that kind of gathering, that special meet and greet that attracts every type of rider,” Bridger said. “There’s more than 2 million riders in the state, and we want to make sure every single one of them has an experience they enjoy. That’s why they keep coming back to Bikes, Blues and BBQ.”

The rally benefits several nonprofits in Northwest Arkansas, Bridger said, so riders can have a good time for a good cause.

“It’s a charitable rally, and it’s a rally where everyone feels welcome,” Bridger said. “There’s no segregation.”

Another special thing about Eureka Springs, Bridger said, is its terrain. On the list of rides on BBB’s website, a ride through Eureka Springs is featured prominently. The ride begins on Highway 45, which turns onto Highway 412. With a left turn onto Highway 23 and another left turn onto Highway 62, the ride takes you right to Eureka Springs.

“It’s definitely rider-friendly, because it’s one of the best riding areas around,” Bridger said.

No matter what, Bridger said, she wants bikers to know there’s alway something to do during BBB.

“We want to make sure those who keep to the scenic route still have things to do, and it’s just as special,” Bridger said, “even if it’s past our main location.”